Hiisi Homes & Hotels vahvistaa edelläkävijyyttään perustamalla oman teknologiaosaston

Hiisi Technology Department

Hiisi Technology Department Established and Growing

Hiisi Technology Department Presents:
  • Revolutionizing the whole accommodation industry with the power of techonology
  • The values of Hiisi drive the day-to-day life of Hiisi values; home, humor and locality
  • Prioritizing home first – then taking over the world

Hiisi is building the best tech team in accommodation industry worldwide and together with the team Hiisi can make miracles happen. Hiisi has seen the state of tech development and utilization within lodging operators is poor. There is a great opportunity to further develop the Hiisi state-of-the-art tech eco system based on open APIs, custom apps and automations.
First of all – Hiisi tech team mission is to be able to create a sustainable working and living environment for Homies (staff & guests) and to make their lives happier and easier.
In January 2022 Hiisi hired a first full time software developer to strengthen the team. Currently the Hiisi tech team includes a software developer and product owner as well as couple of great partners supporting in tech development. The plan is to add more talent to strentghen the team in the coming months as well as to add a specialized advisory or board member to add seniority to the team.
The core of Hiisi tech development is to make sure Hiisi’s team has the best possible tools and widgets available. Once Hiisi has accomplished this they are sure this will result in increased customer satisfaction as well. Once Hiisi is there it will become time to think whether the amazing tools and apps created shall be made available globally for all lodging providers. This would actually be when the journey really begins…
Why join Hiisi?
  • Opportunity to revolutionize whole accommodation industry with the power of techonology
  • Family comes first – we want you and your family are well, then let’s get to business
  • Together with a small team you have the power of developing the processes and how we work
  • Not only great tech team but amazing team of closer to 20 Hiisi Homies (the users) in-house
  • Tools you need, tools you want
  • Health and Dental Care in Mehiläinen
  • Work anywhere
  • Headquarters in Nummela with a sauna and rooftop terrace obviously
Hiisi is not a perfect tech company yet and do not include all fancy perks and such but come onboard and let’s create the perfect working environment together.
The technical details will follow.
You better hear it directly from the software developer Valtteri Nummi himself:
Our volume is constantly growing, so to ease up the workload of our Hiisi Homies several processes have to be automated to create more dynamic and streamlined workflows. Also, better UI’s and custom apps for our API-based property management system will play a big part in this, as will automating the customer experience too – starting from booking, ending to departure.
We are currently introducing AWS to be our main cloud environment that hosts all of our developed software, data, and applications. Our software is currently being developed using Python and JavaScript (React, TypeScript, Node, Express) but we are open to other stacks or languages too.
Our development projects are managed with Azure DevOps. Most of the dev work is done using restful apis from different parts of our system, and using the combined data to build efficient and clean applications, that are used by our sales and customer management teams.

Open Vacancies:

Senior Software Developer
Pay: 5000-7000 € / month

Backend Developer
Pay: 3500-6000 € / month

Frontend Developer
Pay: 3500-6000 € / month

Apply by sending an email to CTO Markus Veikkolainen, markus@hiisihomes.fi, if any questions you are welcome to give a call to Markus 8-22 daily +358 40 670 8556. All part-time or full-time vacancies will be considered.