Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures and practices

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures and practices

For the time being, the coronavirus (COVID-19) affects daily lives of all of us, and we do everything we can to make everyday life as normal as possible for our Hiisi Homies. Our temporary homes are available for rent as always and can be used for both living and distance working. We can also arrange quarantine accommodation for people travelling to Finland from abroad. Stayover cleanings will not be performed if a resident has either been diagnosed with an infection or has a flu symptom.

Cancellations and changes

We strive to operate with a maximum flexibility in regards to change and cancellation policies. The reservation can be canceled free of charge in case if the cancellation policy allows it. You can find more detailed cancellation policy information according to your booking method below.

If your reservation was made through an online booking platform such as, Expedia, Airbnb, etc, please contact the booking platform first and follow their instructions. We understand that customer service on booking platforms may be congested at this time, so you may want to submit a request to our resident service and we will do our best to support you with a booking transfer option.

For direct bookings (if booking was made on the website, by phone or e-mail). Even if the free cancellation has expired, it would still be possible to transfer your reservation for a later date. Please send your transfer request to our resident service by e-mail.

There is no need to know the specific dates of your booking transfer in advance, we will take your information up, so you could choose the dates later this year. Please note, that the transfer may incur extra charges in case the price for the new dates picked would be significantly higher than for the initial dates due to an exceptional demand, for example during festival times. Please note that as a family business, we prioritize well-being and the salaries of our staff in accordance with our values and cannot make refunds for bookings that were already transferred and have already been charged. We are also required to pay commissions for bookings received through booking platforms in accordance with the original booking. Instead, we can offer the opportunity to transfer the dates also for Homies who made a booking through booking platform, if possible.

Cleaning in cooperation with our partner Siskon Siivous cleaning company

As we all know, Covid-19 affects Finland. We at Hiisi Homes, together with Sisko Siivous cleaning company, follow all THL’s (National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland) instructions.

Please note, that if you suspect exposure or have had an infection, you should immediately contact Hiisi Homes’ resident service on +358 20 7780 777 or, so we could arrange a possible disinfection and proper cleaning after you leave and take all the appropriate precautions, according to THL’s instructions. In cases of disease, usual maintenance cleaning would not be performed without prior disinfection.

We are following high hygiene practices in our cleaning and thus are trying to prevent the spread of the infection. We are checking THL’s instructions
daily with the hygiene manager and guiding our staff according to the situation. Our employees do not come perform work with the flu symptoms and we all follow good hand washing hygiene, according to THL guidelines. We have the capacity to increase cleanings at our sites and we with our staff are prepared to the need of additional cleaning actions.

During the pandemic, we follow instructions of the authorities and THL, we follow official regulations on the order of prioritization of cleaning actions at our sites.

More information about coronavirus: Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates – Infectious diseases and vaccinations – THL