Hiisi Homies have compiled a list of the most burning questions that we have had the pleasure of answering along our journey. Check out the frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us if you can’t find an answer to your burning question in the list below. In a browser, use the search function of your IT device to quickly find the question and answer you are looking for (on Windows devices, you can use the CTRL+F key combination to bring up the search. You should google the operating instructions for Apple devices).

Fundamental questions

Why would I experience Hiisi Livin’ and be a homie?

We will soon write the article 101 reasons to sink into Hiite. Bare with us for a while.

Why is the price of Hiisi Livin’ considered as low/medium/high?

The pricing of our temporary homes and cozy hotel rooms varies according to demand. Roughly, the more demand, the more expensive the price, and the less demand, the cheaper the price. In financially responsible business, pricing should be optimized so that at the end of the year, when the account books are reviewed, the amount below the line is positive. In practice, at a time of quiet demand, it may be the case that the amount below the line is a minus figure, so during periods of strong demand, due to better prices, the accounts balance out with the positive amount below the line.

Where can I find a discount code for Hiisi Livin’?

You came to exactly the right place. Use the code PAINUHITEEN and get the best rates with best conditions always.

What do I need with me when I go to Hiisi?

You need food and refreshments for the fridge and a backpack for a change of clothes, and you’re ready to feel at home in Hiisi.

What is a temporary home?

A temporary home is a typical Finnish apartment, which is furnished and equipped for temporary living. The temporary home can be rented from a couple of nights to several months, depending on your needs. The rental terms are often more flexible than an empty rental apartment, and renting is much easier. The rent of a temporary home always includes water, electricity and fast wireless internet.

What is a smart hotel?

Smart hotel is a hotel designed for the needs of traditional Finns, where you can stay comfortably from one night to several months. In a smart hotel, you don’t have to make awkward small talk at the reception or hang around in the reception waiting for your turn. There is no rush hour at the breakfast buffet, because the smart hotel does not have its own restaurant or breakfast available. Smart hotel has no on-site staff, and service is available by phone, e-mail or other remote means. The experience is completely contactless unless you happen to run into a professional cleaning service at the destination during the day. You don’t need keys or key cards, because you can easily get in and out with the help of door codes, which you can get by text or email on the day of arrival before arrival.

Does Hiisi have staff on-site?

Hiisi is contactless by nature, so you won’t run into Hiisi Homies on the spot. You can find professional cleaning on-site during the day, and maintenance will also visit the site if necessary.

Does Hiisi have a reception?

Hiisi has listened to Finns and we have removed potential uncomfortable situations, so you will not find reception at Hiisi’s destinations.

Does Hiisi have a restaurant?

Even though Hiisi Homie Granny is a great cook, in temporary housing, whether it’s a temporary home or a cozy hotel room, we tend to either a. cook in the own kitchen of the temporary home or in the shared kitchen of the hotel b. order food from amazing restaurants in the neighborhood directly to the door using Foodora or Wolt or c. go on the spot to the neighborhood restaurants for a treat. Why should we have our own restaurant when there are better options available?

Is breakfast available at Hiisi?

Temporary home is not a hotel and smart hotel is not a traditional hotel either, so the answer is no. You can cook breakfast yourself in your own temporary home or hotel room, or you can indulge yourself and order breakfast with Foodora or Wolt to your door, or even better, go to your favorite neighborhood cafe to enjoy it.

What is included in the rental in Hiisi Homes temporary homes?

Hiisi Homes temporary homes are furnished and well equipped. You can find out more about the equipment at this link, which will be available soon. Bed linen, towels and final cleaning are included in the prices, and you can read more about them here soon. To top it all off, we have put together a small package of Hiisi Goodies for you to await your arrival as a starter package, and you can read about them here soon. In any case, electricity, water and fast wireless internet are always included in the price.

What is included in staying in the cozy rooms of Hiisi Hotels?

Hiisi Hotels’ cozy hotel rooms are furnished in a hotel-like way with a homely twist and are well equipped. You can find out more about the equipment at this link, which will be available soon. Bed linen, towels and final cleaning are included in the prices, and you can read more about them here soon. To top it all off, we have put together a small starter package of Hiisi goodies for you to await your arrival, and you can read about them here soon. In any case, electricity, water and fast wireless internet are always included in the price.

Are pets allowed?

WUF. Who would want to leave a family member at home? All family members are welcome to experience Hiisi Livin’ without looking at the hairiness of the family member.

Before booking

Is parking included in the price?

Yes, parking is included in most Homes properties. Check the parking possibilities of the property you are interested in on the property page that suits you.

Is parking for the van included in the price?

In places where the temporary homes have their own parking space in the yard of the house, parking for the van is included in the price. Check the parking possibilities of the property you are interested in on the property page that suits you.

Can I charge an electric car while in Hiisi?

We do have some locations where one can use the slow charger with your own cable at an extra charge as a self-service.

What does the Hiisi Goodies starter package include?

Discover the Hiisi Goodies starter package here.

Are bed linen and towels included in the price?

As a general rule, yes. Who would want to drag the Finlayson’s gift sheets bought with Plussa card as a Christmas gift to a temporary residence?

When can I order additional services?

Of course, you can order additional services at any time, but if you want the additional services to be delivered / implemented at a time that suits you, the order must be placed at least 24 hours before the desired time, so that we have time to organize the production of the additional service. We depend on the help of our dear partners in service production at our destinations, so you can only imagine that the sooner the information reaches them, the more satisfied they will be.

When will I find out the exact address of the apartment I have booked?

The number of the apartment or room you have booked will be confirmed in the arrival instructions around 14:30 on the day of arrival. In practice, we always have several temporary homes or hotel rooms in the same destination, and we strive to serve all our residents in the best possible way. Often, the needs change during housing, which means that housing can be continued, which in turn means that if we had promised you a certain temporary home a month earlier, we could face an unfortunate situation. A situation where Irma and Helena from the neighboring house would have to move their turtle farm and dry food supply from one temporary home to another for a week. We certainly agree that from everyone’s point of view it is better not to confirm the exact address to avoid problems. Alternatively, we would have had to move you to another temporary home at the last minute, which would probably have meant that the temporary mail transfer you made in advance will go through the knot and the Donald Duck you ordered will go to Irma and Helena on Wednesday of the first week.

Is heating included in the price?

Of course, who would want to live in a cold temporary home or hotel.

Are electricity, water and home insurance included in the price?

Only electricity and water are included. Home insurance related to the resident’s residence is not included in the price. It’s strangely easier to move to a temporary home when you don’t have to adjust with co-workers and notice periods, doesn’t it?

How long can I rent a Hiisi Homes temporary home for?

Who are we to determine your needs? You can even rent an empty rental apartment for an afternoon, but the other thing is what kind of rent you can pay. In the case of an empty rental apartment, you may have to pay 12 months’ rent for one afternoon. Hiisi Homes’ temporary homes are mostly available for rent starting from two nights. It is good to note that the longer you live in Hiisi, the cheaper the nightly rent becomes. In theory, you can also rent a temporary home for one night, but the price is largely the price of two nights, because we do not want to market our temporary homes for the need of one night. We recommend local hotels for the need of one night and of course Hiisi Hotels, if one is already available in the location you want.

How long can I book a room at Hiisi Hotel?

In practice, you can book a room from hours to months. Any way you want =)

Before arrival

What is the arrival time?

The standard arrival time is from 15:00. After 3 p.m., you can arrive at most destinations at any time. There are some exceptions where the latest arrival time is limited, so please check the destination page if there are any restrictions. It is possible to easily advance the arrival time by a couple of hours, i.e. from 1 pm. Early arrival costs €10/hour. If you want to arrive even earlier, you can, subject to availability, book an even earlier arrival for the same morning at -50% night price. If it is not necessary to book an early arrival in advance, you can contact us in the morning and if there are temporary homes or rooms available, you can try to negotiate with our host and sales service for an early arrival even without an additional fee (NOTE. only on the morning of the arrival day!).

When can I cancel the reservation?

You usually get an answer to this tricky question in your booking confirmation. In fact, the most observant already remember this at the stage before making the reservation proceeds to pressing the reservation button. The most common cancellation conditions allow free cancellation 24 or 48 hours before arrival or 7 or 14 days before arrival. You can also save money during the booking phase and choose a preferential price that has no cancellation conditions (non refundable). If you were so smart and made a reservation with Airbnb, we recommend applying for Airbnb’s How to Cancel an Airbnb reservation online course. We haven’t seen more complicated cancellation conditions than what Airbnb has for its bookers.

Are the beds already made?

For us, a bed is just like a made bed. All other possible bed positions mean that they are not pre-made in principle, but you get the pleasure of doing this exercise yourself. In summary, the beds are made by us, and the other extra beds, sofa beds, chairbeds and table beds can be made by you, our valued guest. Of course, we always provide bed linen, a blanket, a pillow and a towel for extra beds if we have been informed in advance about additional people.

When can I make changes to the reservation?

The changes are largely in line with the cancellation conditions of your reservation. It is good to note that if you made a reservation through different portals on the web, they usually have very strict conditions and, for example, making changes during your stay is impossible without paying the entire amount of the reservation. We recommend booking directly with us by phone, e-mail, smoke signs or modernly directly here on the interweb to ensure the most flexible conditions and the best prices.


When will I receive arrival instructions?

Arrival instructions will be delivered by text message and email by 2:30 p.m. on the day of arrival, using the contact information provided at the time of booking. If you have booked an early arrival, you will receive instructions about half an hour before the agreed arrival time.

How do I get arrival instructions?

We accidentally wrote the answer in connection with the previous question, but repetition is the mother of studies. Arrival instructions will be delivered by text message and email by 2:30 p.m. on the day of arrival, using the contact information provided at the time of booking.

Can I use a hard key?

Hiisi Hotels always have door codes, so hard keys, key cards or other physical door opening devices are not used at all. Pretty much all our homes locations feature a key and additionally there might be a smart lock access available as well.

During the stay

When should the reservation be extended at the latest?

The reservation must be extended no later than the day before departure. Please note that the later you extend your reservation, the more likely it is that the exact same temporary home is no longer available when you still need it. If you continue the reservation no later than the day before the original departure, we will try to arrange an extension for you at the same price. If the extension is arranged on the day of departure, we charge a €50 service fee for extending the reservation at the last minute. This is mainly because this causes extra work for both us and our cleaning partner, when we get to modify the current day’s work arrangements at the last minute.

How often is the cleaning?

What is certain is that the price of your accommodation includes final cleaning, i.e. once during your reservation. Stayover cleanings are not included in the prices, and if you wish, you can order stayover cleaning or change of bed linen and towels from our hosts for a separate fee.

What does stayover cleaning include?

You can learn more about the contents of stayover cleaning here.

Can I wash Hiisi’s linens and towels?

We understand that the urge to do laundry can sometimes be overwhelming, but unfortunately we have to state that our professional towels or towels cannot be washed at home. We use Comforta’s dry-cleaned textiles designed for professional use, so these should not be washed in a temporary home. We will provide you with clean bed linen and towels upon request for an additional fee.


What is the departure time?

Departure is by 11 a.m. on the day of departure. You can decide when you leave, as long as the departure is taking place by 11 o’clock. If you wish, you can pre-book a late departure either at 12 or 1 p.m. Late departure costs €10/hour.

What should I do when leaving?

We have put together a short checklist, which is good to go through before departure. Check out the list here.

What does the final cleaning include?

We also scribbled a summary here regarding the final cleaning.

After departure

When can I experience Hiisi Livin’ again?

Why would you even leave? Depending on availability, you can of course continue to live where you already live, or you can change the destination for the same evening and enjoy the excitement of the new neighborhood.

In which locations is it possible to experience Hiisi Livin’?

You can get into Hiisi almost all around Southern Finland. Check out our destinations here.