Yippee for sustainability!

Sustainability in Hiisi Homes & Hotels

We in Hiisi Homes want to develop our sustainability work and make it an even more visible part of our everyday work. Our mission is to make more responsible deeds and communicate about them in our different online channels, while simultaneously building even more responsible business.

We have started out by analyzing the current sustainability efforts of our business. This has been conducted as independent surveys for our key stakeholders. The answers from the questionnaire work as a base for our sustainability work, which we develop over time and use as a basis for the sustainability strategies and plans for the upcoming years.


This is how sustainability shows in Hiisi Homes

Social sustainability

We take care of our own employees and their well-being by offering an inspiring place to work, refreshments during workdays and are open to spending time outside business hours. During spring we held a sustainability-themed recreational day, where we bonded together by doing creative team activities and increased our great ‘Hiisi- spirit.’ The day consisted of lots of laugh and served for sure as work out of the day, which we will remember for a long time.  We have an open and supportive working environment, and we are eager to help out others when needed. Our work culture allows room for different kinds of ‘Hiisi- personalities’, who can all fit inside the same room and enjoy working together while having fun. Humor is one of our core values and it is highly demonstrated in our everyday business. When Hiisi Homies feel good, it shows. Smiles are contagious. We also arrange regular coffee sessions during the workweek where we can catch up on things outside work, and have once-a-month Pizza Fridays, which are highly appreciated.

To make sure we are up-to-date on different sectors of our business as well as acknowledge factors affecting our everyday work, we believe in lifelong learning. As a result, we have developed a so-called’’Hiisi Academy’’ that includes educating us on topics that are vital in our work like for example phone work and sustainability. The new Homies also receive training in their specialty area when starting to work with us.  

The spring of 2022 was shocking in many ways when the Ukrainian war began. We wanted to do what we could to help the Ukrainians fleeing from their home country. We sent out linen, towels, hygienic supplies, and food to joint transportation that took care of the supplies getting all the way to Ukraine as well as Tervalampi, where private persons offered a safe alternative home for the war refugees. We also offered a Ukrainian family a serviced apartment in one of our locations to use temporarily. We were connected to this family with the help of a family-owned company Make Mama Proud. 

Economic sustainability

We develop our business and its profitability on a continuous basis, while simultaneously taking into account the scarce environmental resources. This allows us to make business happen in the long term and serve our customers even better than before without having to give up quality. Working in an economically sustainable way makes it possible for us to hire new homies.

Environmental sustainability

We offer our customers comprehensive recycling possibilities on our locations and directions on how to correctly sort the waste. Considering procurements, we appreciate products that are made durable and long-lasting and we have decorated our homes in a way that they last time.  We have a charging possibility for electric and hybrid cars in a few of our locations; Vantaa Keimolanmäki and Kaivoksela. 

Hiisi Homes is based in Vihti, Finland where its nature, especially Hiidenvesi- lake is very close to our hearts. We want to preserve it and therefore in cooperation with LUVY Ry, we donate 0,10€ of every sold beer bottle from our collection to its protection project. 

We want to utilize all the stuff in the apartments to the fullest and when they no longer serve our needs, we want to extend their lifespan and give them out to people who can still need them. For example, we have given out textiles that we no longer need to Vihti’s church which has given them to people whose houses have suffered from fire. We believe that with small deeds we can make a huge difference.

We are now committed to taking part in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland- program for responsible traveling. We also build our own EcoCompass Environmental Management System to take our environmental sustainability work to a next level.

Cultural responsibility

Locality is one of main values and since we have operate in many different locations, we aim to bring transportation possibilities easily available to the customers on our web pages as well as in our other client communication channels. We communicate continuously with our clients before, during, and after their stay to make the home-like experience as smooth and pleasant for everyone. We work together with the local soccer team IF Gnistan by providing them a temporary home in Helsinki and whenever we need to print out something, we contact Powerpaino. A big part of our employees are from Vihti and we utilize this strong local knowledge in our everyday business. We also work closely with our cleaning partner Siskon Siivous, Simultem which helps us with our technology development, and Pindora which allows a key- and contactless home experience. Also, the property managers in our different locations and Securitas that helps us with our host service are also very important stakeholders for us.