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Caring partner for companies at your service

Hiisi Homes is family company coming from lake Hiidenvesi close to Helsinki greater area. Hiisi Homes welcome all guests to be their homies. Hiisi Homes has been helping out companies with need for temporary housing for more than 3 years now throughout Finland. The goal for Hiisi Homes is to be able offer temporary housing in the major cities in Finland close to the need of the partner companies. Hiisi Homes temporary homes are a perfect option for a desire for homelike living from couple of nights to several months.

There are partner rates available for companies. Please get in touch in case you’d like to activate partner rates for your company by emailing us at riku@hiisihomes.fi.

Hiisi Homes temporary homes are more than just furnished apartments. Home is a feeling at Hiisi Homes and this what Hiisi Livin’ is all about. All homes are equipped just like home but we all know nothing beats home right? Hiisi Homes aims to be the second best option right after your home.

You are welcome to book temporary homes from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Vihti, Lohja, Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna and Turku.

Feel free to be in touch with Riku from our sales team.

Riku Niemelä
Riku Niemelä
Mon-Fri 9-16
+358 20 1278 303
(8,35c / call + 16,69c / min)

8 reasons why companies choose Hiisi Homes

  1. Caring service
  2. Homelike apartments from couple of nights to several months
  3. Linen and towels are always included
  4. Fast Wifi is always included
  5. Final cleaning is always included
  6. Starter pack basic supplies such as coffee, tea, toilet paper etc. is always included
  7. Parking options
  8. Great connections
  9. Easy online bookings

On the video Jabar Sharza from HIFK Fotboll tells about his experiences while being a Homie of Hiisi Homes. Welcome to be our Homie!

Hiisi Homes believes in partnerships

Hiisi Homes is working together with professionals from different fields in order to provide best possible temporary housing for partner companies. As an example Comforta provides linen and towels and Siskon siivous is responsible for cleanliness.