Voitto Eriksson

Hiisi Homes & Hotels Welcome Pets To Be Our Homie!

Pets are very much welcome at Hiisi Homes & Hotels.

Pets Are Equal Family Members at Hiisi

We at Hiisi value all family members equally whether furry or not. All family members are valuable and dear for us. As well as human beings the furry ones come along with a positive pressure to take care of the cleanliness in order to make one feel like home thus far a small pet fee applies.

Pet Fees:

  • 29 € per reservation

When it comes to cleaning of homes or hotel rooms with pets our cleaning will pay extra attention to their processes. The cleaning team will make sure the premises will be cleaned properly in order for the homeor hotel room to welcome even an allergic one as the next guest for the same home or room.

The Most Stingy Guest at Hiisi

During the years we have had the pleasure of welcoming all sorts of furry ones to be our Homie. One probably the most memorable furry guest was actually a bit stingy. Get to know to our stingy homie on the video.