Partner With Us

Our vision is to become the 2nd largest operator of serviced apartments and digitalized hotels in Finland with over 700 apartments or room units throught Finland and abroad by the end of 2025. This is something we can’t do alone and thusfar we are looking for new partners. You are the right kind of partner for us if you are an apartment owner or managing properties that would be suitable as such or with some modifications for our business model.

Property Owners

  • We save you time and money when you a rent the whole property, building or floor to us
  • Worry free partnership – we prefer multi year agreements for whole properties and multiple apartments
  • Share the responsibilities of managing your property – your property will be taken care of and the value will be maintained if not increased
    • We have a daily cleaning and maintenance check

Our Business Model

  • In the beginning of the partnership we clean the apartments and ensure the condition is great
  • We furnish, equip and decorate the apartments to meet the standards of homelike living
  • We sub-rent the units mainly from few days to several months to our residents
  • Our main resident groups are business travellers, families and long term residents
  • Bi-weekly cleaning and maintenance check is our standard policy

Contact Us

The head of the family company and old sport of property management mr. Ari Lapveteläinen is responsible property owner partnerships.

Ari Lapveteläinen
+358 40 620 9898