Puupäät Kokkokalliolla

Hiisi Homes family company was born by the lake Hiidenvesi from Homies’ passion for entrepreneurship. Homies Ari, Markus and Niklas put their shirts aside and work gloves on. It was time to start working hard offering better living for people away from home.

Our mission is simple. We want to provide local and personal experience in Your home away from home with outstanding service with the means of self-service.

Nothing beats home right? But hey we are not a lot worse than home. We do things in a way that represents our crazy team of Hiisi Homies. We can tap ourselves on the shoulder once our resident Homies still remember us on the week after the departure.

Choose us and be our Homie!

Yours truly,

Homies Ari, Markus and Niklas

Homes for Homies