Hiisi Homes ja Hiiden heimo

The family of Hiisi Homies is the heart of Hiisi Homes & Hotels

Hiisi Homes is a family company from lake Hiidenvesi. Hiisi Homies believe Hiisi Homies always come first and the residents – homies – of Hiisi Homes come second. We believe taking care of Hiisi Homies will result in best possible care of all homies living at Hiisi Homes temporary homes. Hiisi Homies are professionals in customer service, sales and operations. During the first six years Hiisi Homes organizatoin has become a customer and sales service and expert organization. Hiisi Homies are like a platform enabling residents, property owners and home service providers to connect.  Let’s get to know a bit better to our Hiisi Homies.

Hiisi Homes is founded by the men of the family – founding Homies Ari, Markus and Niklas. In the fall of 2017 these founding Homies made the decision to start rocking together while spending time at Kokkokallio rock by the lake Hiidenvesi.

The founding Homies of Hiisi Homes are extremely thankful for a great Hiisi family we’ve gathered working towards our common goal to enable homelike living for people away from home.

Voitto Eriksson

Voitto Eriksson


Voitto (Vode) Eriksson is in charge of the Nummela headquarters. Voitto ensures everyone visiting Hiisi Homes HQ will feel like a homie. Voitto enjoys walking around in the nature of Nummela and sometimes the pants tend to get a bit dirty resulting in unintended absence.

Päivi Heinonen | Customer Service & Sales

Palvelupäällikkö Päivi Heinonen

Service Manager | B2B inbound sales

Päivi is leading the customer service & reservations team by her example. Experienced professional with a hotel background.

Riku Niemelä | Sales

Riku Niemelä

Sales Director, Partner

Riku manages corporate sales with strong hospitality background both from operations and sales. Riku is a family man with a capital F spending time on the side of the soccer field with his boys’ hobbies. Every time he has a chance he’ll take the opportunity to go for sailing.

Noora Ahonen | Customer Service & Sales

Noora Ahonen

Customer Service & Reservations

Experienced sales professional Noora fulfills the team with outbound sales experience.

Viivi Ruuskanen | Customer Service & Reservations

Customer Service & Reservations Rep

Viivi is the local young talent in the team executing brilliantly providing Homies with great service.

Helinä Väinänen | Customer Service & Reservations

Customer Service & Reservations Rep

Helinä is an internationally minded global citizen bringing some elasticity to the team.

Matias Tekoniemi | Backoffice

Matias Tekoniemi

Secretary of the board, project manager

Matias is a young bright mind keeping the board work in order and participating in development projects.

Päivi Lapveteläinen | Operations Management

Aluepäällikkö Päivi Lapveteläinen

Area Service Manager

Teacher also known as Homie Grandma. Responsible for the operational efficiency and quality. While founding Homie Ari is doing his chores on the home yard Päivi likes to do some gardening and take care of his grandson Eino.

Tanja Eriksson | Projects

Aluepäällikkö Tanja Eriksson

Project manager

Industry swap from health care brought Tanja to family of Hiisi Homies. Care taking is still a core part of Tanja’s duties but now taking very special care of projects of Hiisi. A pair of sons are keeping Tanja busy on her free time.

Nea Vihikainen | Operations Management

Nea Vihikainen

Area Coordinator

Nea is responsible for management of storages, cleaning and quality assurance especially.

Johanna Laakso | Operations Management

Service Coordinator

Johanna combines the culture of caring and high quality control in her daily work.

Niilo Honkala | Property

Property Champ

Valtteri Nummi | Tech

Valtteri Nummi

Full-Stack Developer

Family man Valtteri leads Hiisi tech development with documentation first mentality on a mission to make the lives of Homies easier and happier with the power of technology.

Markus Veikkolainen | Founding Homie

Puupää Markus palvelee

Entrepreneur, technology and marketing

Son-in-law Markus is the one coming from hospitality industry. It is Markus’ responsibility to make sure the awareness of Hiisi Homes is spread around and taking some business in at the same time. Markus is a true sport and enjoys good food and drinks.

Niklas Eriksson | Founding Homie

Puupää Niklas Eriksson

Entrepreneur, CEO, financial and funding

Son-in-law Niklas has the longest entrepreneur background and he’s also been working with property management. Niklas makes sure Ari has enough funds for new properties and the money is brought in after sales. Darts and various microbrewery drinks are important things to Niklas along with his family.

Ari Lapveteläinen | Founding Homie

Puupää Ari Lapveteläinen

Entrepreneur, properties and procurement

Father-in-law Ari brings his strong background from property management to the team. They say Ari enjoys different chores at the home yard and like to bike around with his electric bicycle.