Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy joins the growth story of Hiisi Homes & Hotels

Hiisi Homes Turku Herttuankulma | Standard Studio, Sofa Bed

Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy, known as the main owner of Jatke Oy, joins the growth story of Hiisi Homes & Hotels to strengthen Hiisi Experience Group Oy as a minority shareholder. This strategic move strengthens the growth journey and expansion of Hiisi Experience Group Oy, the temporary home and smart hotel operator known under the Hiisi Homes & Hotels brand, in a changing market environment.

Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy is a family-owned company that brings strong experience and expertise from the real estate and construction sectors to this new partnership. The company is known for its high-quality apartments and its strong presence in the local market in the company’s home in the Kouvola region. The started cooperation with Hiisi Homes & Hotels offers new opportunities for growth and development.

Riku Pousi, representing Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy, commented on the new collaboration happily: “We at Suomen Ässä-Asunnot are looking forward to our co-operation with Hiisi Homes & Hotels. Hiisi is one of the most impressive experts in his field, and we are excited to be involved in taking Hiisi towards new growth. The future of the industry is full of opportunities, and as part of the Hiisi team, we look forward to the future.”

The goal of Hiisi Homes & Hotels is to continue its controlled growth and achieve a significant increase in turnover during 2024. The company plans to open new locations immediately at the beginning of the year in different locations in order to grow its operations even further and to expand its service offering geographically.

“It was important for Hiisi to find a partner with the same value base to join Hiisi’s growth story. We clicked with Suomen Ässä-Asunnot immediately, and we felt that the cooperation creates added value for both parties. The cooperation will enable an even stronger position in the market as one of the largest players in the industry,” commented Hiisi Experience Group Oy entrepreneur Markus Veikkolainen.

This partnership represents a significant step for both parties and provides a strong foundation for future success. Hiisi Homes & Hotels is actively looking for new residential properties and hotel properties to operate with its business model powered by technology in Southern Finland and university cities.

Contact information:

Markus Veikkolainen
Hiisi Experience Group Oy
Ph: +358406708556

Riku Pousi
Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy
Ph: +358407782002

Suomen Ässä-Asunnot Oy: A family-owned real estate company known for its high-quality apartments and strong local presence in the Kouvola region.

Hiisi Experience Group Oy: A family business whose Hiisi Homes & Hotels brand is widely known. Hiisi Homes & Hotels operates in 14 locations around southern Finland and operates closer to four hundred comfortably furnished apartments, i.e. temporary homes and home-like hotel rooms.