Hiisi and NUPS soccer club enter into a deeper partnership

Hiisi ja NUPS

Hiisi and NUPS deepen partnership in the home city of both parties Vihti

Hiisi has been supporting the journey of a local soccer club NUPS during the past few years but now was the time to deepen the partnership. Hiisi also had the privilege of participating in a goodwill auction late last year where Hiisi claimed an opportunity for some ice time with local Tolvanen brothers pro ice hockey players Eeli (Nashville Predators of the NHL), Atte (Austrian league) and Joona. It is yet to see how the founding Homies of Hiisi perform on the ice against the brothers.

Starting from season 2022-23 Hiisi Homes & Hotels have started an official partnership. The partnership targeted to companies allow companies to be able to support NUPS on a mission to create more active life for locals and developing the quality of the operations. Most importantly NUPS is creating joy in the local community and impriving the overall well-being of the locals. The values of both organizations are very well aligned as well.

Development manager of NUPS Timo Tuomi says Hiisi is a great example of what hard work, visionary, happy and communal way of doing can accomplish. NUPS is proud to have a company like Hiisi Homes & Hotels to join their partner network. Joy, community and sustainability are core values of NUPS which are also part of Hiisi’s day-to-day work. NUPS will be using Hiisi Homes & Hotels versatile accommodation options for different purposes like STOKE partnership visits in Nummela. And of course highly recommends Hiisi Homes & Hotels for any temporary housing and accommodation needs!

Co-Founder of Hiisi Markus Veikkolainen commented it is a delight of getting an opportunity to be part of the NUPS journey. NUPS is creating joy and moving people around Vihti from babies to elderly people while doing great educational, competitive and communal job locally for local people of Vihti.

Photo features Markus Veikkolainen on the left and Timo Tuomi on the right.

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