Hiisi Homes & Hotels focuses on systematically improving its sustainability

Vastuullisuustyö on hyvässä vauhdissa.

Our outstanding Homie spirit, as well as strong team effort, are key factors for success in our sustainability work.

Hiisi Homes & Hotels, or Hiisi Homies as we are known among friends and family, has understood the importance of sustainability in today’s business world and wants to do its part to secure an environmentally friendly future for us all. Hiisi Homes & Hotels wants to develop its business in a way that considers the environmental, cultural, ecological, and economic perspectives present in its everyday work even more than before. Hiisi Homies want also to make sure the business can operate in a long term as well as leave a better world for the upcoming generations to come. We at Hiisi Homes & Hotels want to take responsibility into consideration in our everyday work, which is why we have started to evaluate our sustainability efforts in a form of a survey to really know where we stand at this moment and what our stakeholders think about us in terms of sustainability. After that, we will have a better understanding of what has already been done, what our stakeholders think about us, and which sustainability topics to concentrate on next.

”The most inspiring thing in sustainability work is that by critically evaluating our sustainability work and improving it further, we can have a great positive impact on the world around us. Now when we have the tools and frameworks to systematically develop our sustainability work, we feel like we are on our way in the right direction,” Comments Hiisi Homie’s Sustainability Project Lead Lotta.

The Sustainable Travel Finland- path and EcoCompass Environmental Management system as concrete sustainability tools

In order for us to have a more systematic way of doing sustainability work, we have selected good frameworks and tools that suit us the best. During the summer of 2022, we have started our journey on the Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) path, which works as a sustainable traveling program for Finnish regions and travel organizations that want to develop their sustainability work. By agreeing to the terms of STF, we promise to follow the 7- step sustainable travel development path by engaging our staff in sustainability work, learning more about sustainability, and make an improvement plan for our company that works as a starting point in our sustainability efforts. Additionally, in the summer of 2022, we have started to build our own EcoCompass Environmental Management System that helps us to focus on the most relevant sustainability areas and communicate about them efficiently on the way.

Our goal is to get the STF as well as EcoCompass certificate logos for us to use in order to work as proof of our transparent and good sustainability work. We realize that there is still a lot to be done and our sustainability journey does not end with getting the certificates but continues after that. Working for the certification logos is a good way to commit to long-term sustainability work and get impressive results.

We as Hiisi Homies are very excited to have these upcoming sustainability projects coming up, we will keep you up-to-date about how they are proceeding!

You can read more about STF here. 

You can read more about EcoCompass here.


Hiisi Homes & Hotels, sustainability
Our sustainability work is proceeding in a good phase, enjoy the ride!

Hiisi Homes & Hotels, STF, Ekokompassi, Sustainability


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