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During the fall and winter, Hiisi technology department, in cooperation with Jyväskylä-based Viistech, made Hiisi’s first own application ready for use. The contribution of Valtteri Nummi, lead app developer at Hiisi, has played an extremely central role. By developing its own technology, Hiisi aims for a happier everyday life for both the Hiisi Homies, that is, employees and residents. The first own application is called “Keys” and, as the name suggests, the application solves challenges related to access management and makes the resident path of Hiisi Homes & Hotels even more seamless.

In the first phase of the Keys app, Livion key automat was integrated into the Keys application and the application was implemented internally. The Keys application makes it much easier and faster to hand over physical keys to residents, which is completely contactless, as usual for Hiisi. The keys are available to the residents directly from the property with the Keys application, so in addition to the smart locks used by Hiisi, the resident can easily use an additional key.

Various locking systems are used in Hiisi Homes & Hotels’ properties, and the main goal is to unify the processes related to access management both internally and externally. Automation is also at the heart of the development, and the delivery of arrival and key collection instructions to the residents is done completely automatically. In an ideal situation, regardless of the locking system and the location, the process and practices are as consistent as possible with the help of the Keys application, which makes the daily life of both residents and Hiisi employees much easier.

Hiisi Homes & Hotels has assembled a unique software ecosystem of commercial systems during its long history. However, Hiisi’s visions are ambitious on a global level, which led to the establishment of its own technology department in 2022. With its own application development, Hiisi aims to create a competitive advantage and enable a happy everyday life for both its residents and employees. The purpose is not to create an all-encompassing own system, but to create automations, integrations and own applications that support the existing system ecosystem to complete the whole. Hiisi has also, atypically for operators in the accommodation industry, started the creation of its own database, so that the available data can be managed more easily and used automatically to develop functions from the perspective of different stakeholders. Recently, the innovative software provider Apaleo listed Hiisi Homes & Hotels as one of the world’s 20 innovative accommodation companies globally.

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