Serviced Apartments Porvoo and Sipoo

Find a high-quality and well-equipped furnished apartment from Hiisi Homes in Eastern Uusimaa in Sipoo Söderkulla or Porvoo Toukovuori. We are a family business and we take care of you, whether it is a leisure trip, a home repair or a business trip. Our cozy apartments in Sipoo and Porvoo feel like a real home. Book flexibly for a shorter or longer stay in Eastern Uusimaa. Live like at home. Discover and fall in love!

Looking for a Serviced Apartment in Sipoo or Porvoo During Your Work Project or Renovation at Home?

Forget about homesickness. We tailor a temporary home that suits your wishes. Hiisi Homes’ cozy furnished apartments are all fully equipped and furnished. The rental price always includes electricity, water, wireless internet, bed linen, towels and final cleaning to make temporary living as easy as possible. Accommodation in Sipoo or Porvoo for temporary needs could not be easier and cozier.

Hiisi Homes’ furnished apartments are located in Sipoo in the growing Söderkulla area and Porvoo near the hospital in Toukovuori. Both sites are located close to nature and the connections are also good to the eastern parts of Helsinki greater area.

Accommodation Close to Neste Porvoo Kilpilahti Refinery

Neste’s Porvoo Kilpilahti refinery is also located nearby, and it only takes 13 minutes to drive from Sipoo, and only 22 minutes from Porvoo. Hiisi Homes Sipoo Söderkulla has an absolutely great accommodation option near the Neste Kilpilahti refinery, and as the icing on the cake, all temporary homes have their own sauna. Commuter accommodation in Hiisi is a great choice!

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Hiisi Homes Sipoo Söderkulla

How to Find an Serviced Apartment from Sipoo or Porvoo?

The availability of Hiisi Homes’ furnished apartments in Porvoo and Sipoo is very good all year round. During the summer season, you should be on your way in time, because Central European travel times and domestic tourism fill up destinations quickly, even for a longer period of time. In Porvoo, there is some supply of furnished apartments, but it is considerably more difficult to find one in the direction of Sipoo. Once you have found a suitable apartment, you should make a reservation as soon as possible. Choose the location of the furnished apartment according to the nature of your visit.

Hiisi Homes’ temporary homes can be found through rental agency websites such as, but you save the most when you book directly through our website. Hiide’s tribe recommends getting to know Porvoo’s versatile restaurant offering and the nature activities of both destinations.

How Much Does Serviced Apartment rentals in Porvoo or Sipoo Cost?

The trend of renting apartments has changed significantly in the last couple of years. Now more and more people want their apartment furnished.

Furnished apartments are typically the most affordable in the winter, and the most expensive to rent is in the high season and summer. By booking a longer period at once, you typically save a significant amount.

Below is a rough price range for the pricing of furnished apartments in Sipoo and Porvoo areas.

  • Studio Apartments 1000 – 3000 € / month
  • One Bedroom Apartments 1500 – 4000 € / month
  • Two Bedroom Apartments 2100 – 5000 € / month
  • Three Bedroom Apartments or Larger 2700 – 6000 € / month