House Rules

You, Our Homie, accept our house rules when arriving to Hiisi Homes & Hotels. The negligence of rental and accommodation rules may cause to the immediate termination of the agreement and responsibility to cover potential damages occurred.

Resident / guest responsibility

The residents are expected to behave well and respectfully at all Hiisi Homes & Hotels premises and in the neighborhood. The residents must not disturb neighbors by making noise, harming anyone’s property, leaving trash at places where it should not be or disturbing in any other way. Please note Hiisi Homes & Hotels must be aware of all visitors and personal details of all residents staying must be informed in advance. Extra charges apply for extra persons.

It is not allowed to bring dangerous equipment, tools or materials to Hiisi Homes & Hotels premises. Emergency exits may only be used in case of emergency and usage in a non-emergency will be considered as a violation of house rules.

Resident is responsible to provide valid contact details for communication. Hiisi Homes & Hotels may not be considered liable in case needed information has not been able to be provided due to incorrect contact details

Hiisi Homes & Hotels responsibility

In case the resident discovers a fault or error regarding their rental or accommodation the resident must inform Hiisi Homes & Hotels at their earliest convenience. In these cases Hiisi Homes & Hotels has primarily a right to fix the fault or failure in a timely manner. Hiisi Homes & Hotels is not responsible to refund fully or partially in case the faults and failures are not reported properly.

In a situation when a resident arrives according to the agreed arrival times and the apartment or room is not available Hiisi Homes & Hotels is responsible to arrange a similar or better alternative for the resident from a nearby location at no extra charge. If Hiisi Homes & Hotels is unable to arrange an alternative option the resident has the right to receive a full refund for the rental or accommodation. Hiisi Homes & Hotels must let the residents know about potential changes as soon as Hiisi Homes & Hotels becomes aware of an unexpected situation.

In all cases Hiisi Homes & Hotels responsibility is limited to refunding the payment made.

Payments. The accommodation will be paid in advance by card or online banking. Invoicing for companies available upon prior agreement.

Cancellations and modifications. In case You choose Flexible Rate, you may cancel or modify your booking free of charge up until 7 days prior to your arrival. In case of late cancellation or modification we hold the right to charge 100% of the total charge of the booking. In case You choose Super Flexible Rate, you may cancel or modify your booking free of charge up until 48 hours prior to your arrival. In case of late cancellation or modification we hold the right to charge 100% of the total charge of the booking. In case You choose Non Refundable Rate no cancellation or modifications may be done the booking. Full amount will be charged in case of cancellation or modification.

Rates. The rates may vary depending on the different variables and the available rates will be confirmed at the time of confirmation. Hiisi Homes & Hotels reserve the right for rate correction in case there is a major failure in terms of pricing. Major failure is considered in case the rates may be considered -50 % or cheaper compared to market pricing.

Final cleaning is usually included. In case the final cleaning takes longer than expected due to unusual circumstances at the apartment, we hold the right to charge up to 300 € extra cleaning charge. If final cleaning would not be included this will be agreed separately at the time of booking online or offline.

Departure by 11:00. In case not otherwise agreed in advance we hold the right to charge 25 € for departure after 11:00. In case the departure takes longer than 12:00 we reserve the right to charge full night charge for every night from 12:00. Basically this means our professional cleaning partner in the location must wait until your departure in order to be able to clean the home for next homie. Our professional cleaning company partner starts cleaning of the homes at 11:00 in order to get the Homes ready on time for the next Homies.

The resident is responsible to cover the possible damages caused to the apartment, room or building by the resident. Kindly let Hiisi know in case you discover broken furniture, amenities or other items upon your arrival.

Key Responsibility. Please note the resident is responsible to handle and store keys of the home or room carefully. If hard key is lost the resident is responsible to cover the costs occurring of the lost key and lock reassembly. The costs usually vary between 300-500 €.

Extra Homies. Please advice in advance if you plan to bring more Homies with you than originally booked. Whether the Homie is a person or a pet I am sure we agree it is always best if we know this in advance so we can make sure we have for example enough pillows and towels for the extra Homies. Pet fees apply.

Hiisi Homes & Hotels are non smoking. Smoking inside the Homes, on the balconies or inside the buildings is strictly prohibited. If unable to obey these non smoking rules beware the extra charge of 300€. We hold the right to also charge the guest for the costs of the fire brigade arriving on the spot due to negligence.

Trash and recycling. Please note the resident is responsible for recycling and taking out the trash to the dedicated waste disposal bins.

Business of any kind or disturbing neighbors is not allowed at Hiisi Homes & Hotels. Silence must exist on a daily basis between 22:00 – 07:00.

Lost & Found. Hiisi Homes & Hotels is not responsible for any lost & found items in the Hiisi Homes & Hotels premises. Hiisi cleaning partner will pick up any lost & found items and valuables only will be stored or delivered to police.

Hiisi Homes holds the right to discontinue the reservation if the Homie staying at Hiisi Homes & Hotels severely or repeatedly violates with these rules. Payment will not be refunded.