Hiisi Homes Lohja Pellervonkatu 1 pysäköintialue pihalla
Hiisi Homes Lohja Pellervonkatu 1
Hiisi Homes Lohja Pellervonkatu 1 pysäköintialue pihalla

Arrival and parking Hiisi Homes Lohja

Hiisi Homes Lohja is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Lohja Bus Station is within walking distance and Turku Highway nearby allows great access by car to the directions of Helsinki and Turku.

How to find your temporary home and get in?

Attention!: Arrival must take place prior to 20:00. Alternatively let Hiisi Homes know a minimum of 48 hours in advance in case your planned arrival time is after 20:00 in order to arrange late key pick-up from Hiisi Hotel Lohja. Main entrance doors are unlocked on a daily basis until 20:00 and the doors will be locked from 20:00 until morning.  The homes in Hiisi Homes Lohja are split between A and B entrances which can be found behind the building. You may open the door of your temporary home with Pindora smart lock with the help of your mobile phone. You will receive arrival information email and instructions on the day of arrival about half an hour prior to the earlies arrival time. You are welcome to arrive any time after 15:00 if not otherwise agreed. The code for Pindora smart lock will be added by SMS or on the internet browser. Once you’ve entered the code the door open by knocking the door. There will be hard key waiting for you on the kitchen table. Kindly take the key and take good care of it. The key must be left on the kitchen table at the time of departure. More info will be provided in the arrival information email. Below you have the map and parking instructions.



All homes at Hiisi Homes Lohja have a dedicated parking spot. The number of the spot will be confirmed in the arrival information email and SMS.

Reservations: No reservation for parking needed, a spot is guaranteed automatically.

Payment: Included in the rental of the temporary home.