Arrival and Parking Hiisi Homes Hämeenlinna Asemanranta

Hiisi Homes Hämeenlinna Asemanranta is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Address: Vanainkatu 39, 13200 Hämeenlinna

How to find your temporary home and get in?

The main entrances A and B are easily accessible. The entrance door works with a door code and you may open the door of you temporary home with Pindora smart lock with the help of your mobile phone. You will receive arrival information email and instructions on the day of arrival about half an hour prior to the earliest arrival time possible. You are welcome to arrive any time after 15:00 if not otherwise agreed. The code for Pindora smart lock will be added by SMS or on the internet browser. Once you’ve entered the code the door open by knocking the door. More info will be provided in the arrival information email. Below you have the map and parking instructions.



All of our homes have parking reserved either on the parking area of the yard or in the Pööli parking station closeby. Please see arrival information email and SMS for the location of the spot.

Reservations: In case the spot reserved for you is in Pööli parking station you must contact Hiisi customer service in advance in order to collect parking station key card. If your parking spot is on the parking area of the yard then no further action needed. The spot locationwill be confirmed in the arrival information email and SMS on the day of arrival.

Payment: Included in the rent of your temporary home.