Vuodenojatuoli | Chairbed

How the Chairbed Works?

In this guide article you’ll have instructions as text, pdf-file, photos and video.

Let’s start with the PDF-file, please download by clicking this link

Video Guide

Text and Photo Instructions

In case you booked the chairbed you have the honor of choosing a lucky one and making the bed yourself once you plan to go to sleep. You may choose the lucky one with rock, paper, scissors game for example. Here are the instructions:

1 Take the pillow used behind the back off and then pull from the handle you’ll find behind the pillow

Vuodenojatuoli 1

2 After pulling from the handle slide slowly and gently in order to make the chair look like a bed, you might want to grab from the end where you’d put your feet

Vuodenojatuoli 2

3 This is the desired outcome if you followed carefully steps 1 and 2

Vuodenojatuoli 3

4 Once you’ve made the bed for you celebrate by tapping yourself on the shoulder and congratulate yourself.

Vuodenojatuoli 4

Where do I get pillow, blanket, linen and towels?

Hiisi cleaning has prepared a set for you which you can find from the closet in the room.

Why Hiisi doesn’t make the bed for me?

Thanks to your help the chairbed only costs so little per night and the only way to be able to offer it for the late bookers. On the other hand you also have more space prior going to sleep =)

How to make making the chairbed even more challenging?

Watch the video guide in Swedish.

Not making it?

A video coming soon!