Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari
Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari

Arrival and Parking at Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari

Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

How to Find Your Way to Your Homelike Hotel Room

Hiisin ovikoodilukija

This PIN PAD above is the door code reader of Hiisi main entrance and other public area doors

Main entrance is located on the Länsisatamankatu street at the corner of the property building and we share the main entrance with Event Hotel HUONE. You may pass through the main entrance door with your personal PIN code. Please add the PIN to the silver/black Smart Key keypad on the right hand side of the door. Your personal PIN is valid for all doors you need to have access to during your stay. Once entering the building the second door is unlocked during the day and during other times you must enter the PIN code there as well. The hotel is on the 5th floor so take the staris or an elevator to the 5th floor and over there you will have one more door accessible with a PIN code before entering the hotel premises. We know this mifght soundlike an awfully lot of PIN coding but rest assure we just want to make sure you have a safe and homelike stay with us.

You will receive your personal PIN code and arrival information by email and SMS on the day of arrival about half an hour prior to the earliest possible arrival time. The regular arrival time is from 15:00 in case you haven’t booked an early arrival.

Video: How to access the hotel and your hotel room


Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari - Kohdekartta - Location Map


Hotel has a few dedicated parking spots available upon advance reservation in the parking garage of the property building. The spots reserved for the guests of Hiisi are on the bottom floor in the garage. Once you have parked your car you must go one floor up in order to access the elevator with direct access to the hotel on the 5th floor. The door from the garage is marked with Hiisi Hotel Helsinki Jätkäsaari signage.

The neighborhood features some street parking options with time limitations at no charge. During the late evenings and night  time parking on the street is free of charge. Please see signs in case you wish to park your car on the street. Please note parking in the neighborhood or in the garage at driver’s own responsibility.

Video: How to drive-in to the garage and find your way to the hotel on the 5th floor

The Spots Available for Hiisi Guests:

#56 #57 #58 #59 #72 #73 #74

In case You have booked a spot kindly make sure to use one of these dedicated spots marked with Hiisi Hotel Guests, thank you.

Electric Cars
Nearby the garage entry there is an open air electric car charging station available by the street. The open air charging station address is Messipojankuja 3, 00180 Helsinki.

Please book you parking spot in advance from Hiisi customer and sales service in order to secure safe and convenient parking. There are limited number of spots available.

Customer & Sales Service:
+358 20 7780 777

Garage parking must be paid in advance to Hiisi remotely, kindly contact customer & sales service in order to pay the parking.
25 € / night
95 € / week
295 € / month