Airbnb Apartment Rentals Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna

Book an apartment at the best price with the most flexible terms on the Hiisi Homes website with the promo code AIRBNB
Please note the cheapest price on Airbnb does not include the right of cancellation and the entire reservation is paid at the time of booking.

Airbnb is full of different and diverse apartments around in the neighboring cities Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki. Both cities are located in by rail connections all the way to Helsinki or Tampere city center. Hiisi Homes’ temporary homes, or cosily furnished apartments, can be rented through Airbnb for a wide range of needs. Renting a Hiisi Homes temporary home for work, leisure or necessity is an easy and effortless alternative to apartments rented by private individuals. It is not possible to book an apartment through Airbnb for one night.

Why Book an Apartment Rental from Hiisi Homes

Hiisi Homes & Hotels is a family business from Vihti that rents cozy furnished apartments and cozy digital hotel rooms all over southern Finland.

  • no hidden costs – everything needed for living is included in the price, such as electricity, water, wireless internet, bed linen, towels and final cleaning
  • always easy, contactless access to the apartment you have booked at a time that suits you – no need to make a separate agreement to hand over the key
  • you always get the best prices on the Hiisi Homes website with the offer code AIRBNB and in addition flexible conditions, so if necessary you can cancel your reservation free of charge before arrival or cancel the apartment before the end of the reservation according to the conditions
  • resident service available 24/7 by phone and during the day via email and WhatsApp
  • professional cleaning and bed linen in all Hiisi Homes & Hotels locations
  • by booking directly, you ensure receiving communication and arrival instructions, as Airbnb does not provide its partners with the resident’s email address at all
  • the payment is due one month at a time only before arrival after the end of the free cancellation period
  • Airbnb charges a huge service fee for every reservation, so by booking directly from Hiisi you ensure that you support a Finnish family business

The furnished apartments of Hiisi Homes & Hotels are located in one location in Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna. If looking for a place to stay in one of the cities and travelling with a car it might be worth looking at the availability of both locations. Hiisi Homes Riihimäki is located in Riihimäki city center surrounded by great services and close to Riihimäki train station. Hiisi Homes Hämeenlinna Asemanranta is located in Hämeenlinna city center close to Hämeenlinna railway station.

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