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Sustainable Travel Finland program  & EcoCompass Environmental system

Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland (STF)  program is made for travel industry companies and destinations as a tool they can use as a tool to develop their sustainability work. We have agreed on the STF’s sustainable traveling principles and have applied for the program in the summer of 2022. Meanwhile, to get approved for the program, we continue to work on our sustainability and develop it further, while paying attention to the themes that are provided and demanded by the program. When we have completed the program for the first time, we will get a STF logo for us to use, which acts as a concrete proof of our long term sustainability work and efforts. 

By agreeing to be part of the STF program, we promise to take the national sustainable travel principles into account and act according to them. We will take part i various sustainability training sessions as well as learn from the other material provided by Visit Finland to continually learn more and develop our business. At first we bind our management as well as employees to the STF- program and create a realistic development plan for us that works as the bible for our responsibility work including a timeframe, budget and targets for the future.

The STF program includes applying for a sustainability certificate that best works for us and works as a lead in our sustainability work, supporting the STF program. In the summer of 2022 we have decided to work on getting an EcoCompass Environmental Management System that also works as a certificate after completion. This best serves our need as a company and allows us to consider sustainability in a practical way, from the company point of view. The EcoCompass environmental system allows us to concentrate on the most important sustainability themes that we decide on, based on an evaluation of our current sustainability state. We will be provided an expert who can help us on the way and tools that will be essential when developing our sustainability work further. The system includes 3rd person auditing; evaluating our sustainability efforts and reporting, which needs to be passed in order to get the sertificate. 

The most important thing with the STF program and the EcoCompass certificate is that after completing them the first time, we will continue to improve our sustainability work to renew the certificates and keep them in use. So, in other words the sustainability work continues and does not stop when getting the certifications. 😉


You can read more about STF here.

You can read more about EcoCompass here.


Hiisi Homes & Hotels, sustainability
Our sustainability work is under constant work and development.

We hope that you are as excited about our sustainability journey as we are!  We will update our webpages as the work proceed. Cheers!