Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Piikinmäki
Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Piikinmäki
Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Oikokatu

Hiisi Homes Riihimäki temporary homes are easily accessible by car or public transportation. Temporary homes are located in 2 different locations within walking distance to the heart of the city center.

How to find Your temporary home and get in?

Oikokatu 19

Oikokatu apartment building only has one entrance from the direction of the street. Once you arrive at the main entrance just follow the detailed instructions in the arrival information email and SMS you receive on the day of departure about half an hour prior to your arrival. There is keyless entry and first you need to add your unique PIN code via weblink you receive or by SMS and then press the buzzer of the home reserved for you. In a couple of seconds you are welcome to open the door and go to your temporary home door. At the door just knock the door 3 times and the door will open in a couple of seconds. Easy and simple. Inside the apartment there will be a hard key waiting for you on the kitchen table which you are welcome to use during your stay. At the time of departure you may leave the key on the kitchen table.

Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Oikokatu
Oikokatu 19 apartment building
Buzzer at the entrance of Oikokatu 19

Piikinmäki 3

There are 2 different buildings in Piikinmäki 3. The 2-storey building is building C and the higher building features entrances A and B. All of our Piikinmäki temporary homes have a Pindora smart lock which enable keyless entry. If your temporary home is in building C you can go directly to the temporary home door and if your temporary home is in A or B you must first enter the main entrance code to the keypad at the main entrance and then go to your door. The temporary home doors open with Pindora smart lock and you may see on this video how it works GUIDE: Magical Pindora door opening without keys – YouTube

Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Piikinmäki
Piikinmäki 3 C
Hiisi Homes Riihimäki
Piikinmäki 3 A & B main entrance keypad for door code
Hiisi Homes Riihimäki Piikinmäki
Piikinmäki 3 A & B


Oikokatu features a dedicated parking spot for each temporary home on the front yard of the building.

Piikinmäki features both dedicated parking spots and street parking options.

Please see your arrival information message which will be sent to you by email and SMS on the day of arrival about half an hour prior to arrival for details.